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ROC Mountain Marathon

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Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th September 2020

Entries Open
Sunday 1st December 2019
Entries Close
Sunday 7th June 2020
Elite; A; B; C; Long Score; Medium Score; Short Score
Entry Fees
per person   £79.00   
    £89.00   (from 01/01/2020)
    £99.00   (from 01/08/2020)

Discounts for younger entrants of:

  • age 24 and under = 20% off
  • age 22 and under = 40% off
  • age 20 and under = 60% off
  • age 18 and under = 80% off
Event Coordinator - Ourea Events

The two-day ROC Mountain Marathon™ is the final race in the 2020 British Mountain Marathon Championship.

The precise 2020 venue is deliberately kept under wraps until close to the event.

Live GPS Tracking allows for friends and family to follow the event live in real-time and adds significantly to the safety of participants.

The event has proved a popular choice with mountain marathon competitors with the option to enter any course solo or in a pair. The combination of both linear and score courses provide participants with huge choice and minimise the chance of ‘snakes’ of runners all heading to the same control. 

Famously relaxed and welcoming, the fun and friendly atmosphere of the ROC Mountain Marathon™ is epitomised by the lack of prescribed start times* and the opportunity for younger competitors (aged 14+) to participate.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

*except for chasing starts for the leading linear course teams on day 2. More info on the website.

This is essential if your partner is intending to take part in the British Mountain Marathon Championship as each person taking part in the champs needs to be identified by their own unique SiEntries ID.  Contact your partner and ensure that they have already registered to use SiEntries. They should then give you their SiEntries ID (not the same as their SI-Card number). If they have not yet registered with SiEntries, please ask them to do so by visiting Once you have their SiEntries ID, surname and postcode, you will be able to enter them as the second member of your team without needing to type in any of their personal details. After you have entered the event, the person who made the original entry can use the UPDATE ENTRY option on the event website to View/Edit the entry.

Covered by Refund Protect

This event offers the option to purchase Refund Protect. Participants can choose to cover their inability to attend with Refund Protect.

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